Meet the Teachers

Carly Greene – Toddler Community Guide

Carly, a native of Rutledge, GA, moved to Savannah to attend Armstrong Atlantic State University, earning a Bachelor’s degree Spanish.  After working as an assistant at Old Peachtree Montessori School in the Assistance to Infancy room, Carly decided to train at the International Montessori Training Institute to become a Montessori guide.  She earned a Master’s in Education from Loyola University and completed the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training at the International Montessori Training Institute in Atlanta, GA.

In 2019, Carly was accepted to The Montessori Institute in Denver, Colorado, where she obtained her Assistants to Infancy (0-3 years) certification. She is now our lead guide in our Infant Community classroom.

Carly has two dogs; Lina, a Chihuahua and miniature Yorkie mix, and Walter, a Rottweiler mix.  She enjoys spending time with her family, going camping, hiking, practicing yoga, and listening to a broad range of music.

Grace and Courtesy in the
Toddler Community

Tandy Krajec

Colleen Haass – Director/Primary Guide

Colleen first discovered Montessori when working in Special Education classrooms. Respecting the child as a complete person while providing as much autonomy as possible was the breath of fresh air that she’d been craving.

She began researching Dr. Maria Montessori and her philosophies with great intensity and implementing all that she could. Eventually, she joined The Montessori Learning Center, an international-based business that aids parents in creating a Montessori-inspired home, as their head of development.

In 2020 she joined EMCC as a parent and an assistant in the toddler community. In 2021 she left the Montessori Learning Center and enrolled at Seacoast Montessori Training Center in their Lower Elementary Program (6-9 years). When it became apparent that EMCC would need a new Primary teacher as soon as possible, she also added the Early Childhood Education Program (3-6 years) to her training agenda. Colleen is on track to receive her AMS 3-6 certification in the summer of 2023 and her AMS 6-9 certification in the summer of 2024.

Colleen enjoys biking and hitting up local eateries in her spare time with her spouse and daughter.

Practical Life in Primary

Our Assistants

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